Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April Showers Cause Muddy Pet Paws


We all know the age old slogan, April Showers Bring May Flowers, however, April Showers also cause pet's paws to be muddy.

When pets paws get muddy there are several solutions to help keep your floors and carpets from inheriting the mess also. One easy solution is to keep a towel or washable puppy pad by the door. Use this as a doggie door mat, or just wipe your pet paws before they come inside. Many pet owners find other uses for their washable puppy pads in addition to training. Some pet owners have even trained their pets to wipe their paws before entering.

In addition to keeping your pet's laws clean and dry, it's important to keep the rest of your pet clean from mud splatters and spring skunk encounters. If your pet simply has rolled in the mud a bit too much, check out our selection of dog shampoo and conditioner. This dog shampoo is specially made for dogs and is safe to use on their skin and will help keep their coat looking healthy. You can give your pet a bath in the tub or outside with the hose. Then dry him off with that washable puppy pad, just one more use for the pads.

If your pet encounters a skunk, you'll need to give he or she a tomato juice bath. Most pet owners know this and keep a few bottles on hand in case of this emergency. After the tomato juice bath, you may want to give your dog a bath using regular dog shampoo to eliminate the tomato smell, and help condition their dried out skin.

With these tips, hopefully those April Showers will only bring May Flowers, and not muddy pets!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Celebrate Earth Day With Eco-Friendly Washable Puppy Pads


MEDNET Direct is excited to announce that our Eco-Friendly Washable Puppy Pads have been selected by Los Angles based Distinctive Assets for the Earth Day In Hollywood 2010 Gift Bag. (Read The Full Press Release Here).

In honor of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, Distinctive Assets will be sending these Gift Bags to eco-conscious celebrities including Drew Barrymore, Orlando Bloom, Cindy Crawford, Ellen DeGeneres, Leonadro DiCaprio, Salma Hayek, Pink, Justin Timberlake, Sting and many more!

To help Celebrate Earth Day and encourage more pet owners to "Go Green" MEDNET is offering customers the ability to purchase the same Tartan Print Washable Puppy Pad and 20” TUFF Dog Collar that will be featured in the 2010 Earth Day In Hollywood Gift Bag for a limited time. You can purchase your "Earth Day Bundle" by simply clicking here.

Our Washable Puppy Pads provide an environmentally conscious alternative to our best selling disposable puppy pads. Designed for the environmentally conscious pet owner, these puppy pads can be washed up to 200 times! This means less waste in our landfills and a greener tomorrow for both pets and pet owners alike.

Celebrate Earth Day with your pet, MEDNET Direct, and eco-minded celebrities by purchasing your "Earth Day Bundle" featuring our Washable Puppy Pads and a 20" Dog Collar.

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