Monday, July 19, 2010

Automatic Waterers Keep Pets Hydrated


Even the most responsible pet owner can forget something once and a while, and this summer MEDNET Direct would like to remind everyone that pets are people too.

Pets need to be kept cool and hydrated in the summer heat, just as people do. If your pet is outside for long periods of time, make sure there is a shady area for them to rest and be sure to leave out plenty of water. Even if your pet is inside enjoying the A/C this summer, ample amounts of water should still be accessible to prevent dehydration.

The easiest way to keep your pet hydrated this summer is with an automatic waterer. Automatic waterers help keep water fresh by circulating it, and only releasing water as your pet drinks is. You'll no longer have a slimy dog bowl, or warm water by the end of the day. Automatic waterers can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water ensuring your pet's thirst is met all day.

This summer make sure you and your pet stay cool and hydrated by drinking lots of water.

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