Monday, May 24, 2010

Dog Walking Is Great Spring Exercise


This spring, walk off the winter blues with your dog. Many of us are hitting the gym and looking for ways to shed the winter pounds and get a fresh start this spring.

Walking is one of the best exercises anyone can do to improve their health. Dogs also need to get walked frequently, and we bet they are just as anxious as you to get out in the fresh spring air. Get the exercise you and your dog need by taking some long walks, or jogs this spring.

While walking you'll probably find many pet owners who are doing the same, so you and your pet will have a chance to meet the neighborhood dogs. There are also many outdoor malls that allow dogs, so take your dog for a mall walk if your housing complex doesn't have sidewalks or walking trails. Another great place to walk is at the local park where there are many walking, biking and skating trails. Your dog will love all the foreign smells and the abundance of squirrels and birds to chase at the park too!

To prepare for your walk, you'll need a reliable dog collar and leash to walk your pet. If you are training your pet, a choke chain would also be helpful. You'll also want to put a couple dog treats in your pocket to reward your pet for not pulling the leash and listening to other commands. Be sure to pack some dog waste bags as well to clean up after your pet if he or she stops for a bathroom break.

Dog walking is great spring exercise, so get out in the fresh air with your dog today.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May Flowers Cause Pet Allergies


Every May is Allergy Awareness Month. What most people do not know is that allergies are not just limited to humans, pets can develop allergies as well. Unfortunately pets cannot tell you that they have allergies and will rely on their owners to notice the symptoms.

This Spring, as May Flowers littered with pollen and other allergens are in full bloom be sure to watch your pet for signs of irritations. If your dog seems to be sneezing or itching more than often, he or she may have seasonal allergies. This can be confirmed by a vet and medication can be prescribed.

You can also help your pet if they suffer from seasonal allergies by keeping grass and other plants trimmed and even stop plating certain plants if they bother your pet. Putting up garden fencing or blocking pets from certain plants can also be helpful. You can also be sure to give your pets baths regularly to remove any allergens trapped in their fur. Washing their bedding and even outdoor toys often is another great allergen prevention method.

Indoor allergies can also develop, so it's important to dust, vacuum and clean your air vents regularly. You'll also want to refrain from using latex toys, as this is a common allergen, and use detergent and cleaners that are hypo-allergenic.

With these simple tips you and your pet can enjoy the fresh spring air and May Flowers!

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