Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Using Transport Wheelchairs For Occasional Mobility Needs


Transport wheelchairs are one of the best wheelchairs on the market. These lightweight wheelchairs serve a number of purposes and are great for individuals who need occasional mobility assistance.

Many elderly people can move about their homes just fine without a wheelchair, but cannot walk long distances. A trip to the mall or a doctor appointment may cause difficulty, but can be made much easier by using a transport wheelchair.

Transport wheelchairs are much lighter than regular wheelchairs, and are much easier for caregivers to lift in and out of vehicles. They are also much lighter to push than standard wheelchairs. Using these wheelchairs can give a patient a greater sense of independence by allowing them to walk when they can and only using this chair for certain situations. Many patients feel like less of a burden when their caregiver has an easy time maneuvering the chair in and out of a car, office or home, making life a bit easier for caregivers as well.

Some patients are strong enough to maneuver the transport wheelchair by themselves, and may keep it in their car in case they feel they need it when they arrive at a particular location.

Using transport wheelchairs for occasional mobility needs creates a safe environment for patients and a less stressful situation for caregivers, allowing patients to remain as independent as possible.

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My grandma has been using transport wheelchair since 2 years ago and i really recommend it especially if you travel a lot with your old loved ones.

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