Friday, October 16, 2009

Introducing The MedSafe!


Med Net Direct is excited to announce the addition of the MedSafe into our comprehensive line of medical equipment. The MedSafe is the most secure medicine safe on the market today. It uses Biometric fingerprint technology to safeguard prescription and over the counter medications, unlike insecure, traditional plastic medicine lock boxes.

The fingerprint technology makes it easy for users to gain access to their medications and eliminates the hassle of remembering pin numbers and passwords, and it's made from high grade steel, so it can't be broken into.

Medication storage devices and even child proof caps won't prevent teen drug abuse or accidental overdoses. The MedSafe's patented tested fingerprint technology is by far more effective in keeping medications safe than traditional methods.

Parents, caregivers and health care workers can now truly safeguard dangerous prescription and over the counter medications and prevent teen drug abuse, and accidental overdoses with the MedSafe.

Learn more about the Med Safe at MedNetDirect, and purchase yours exclusively from Med Net Direct today for the introductory price of $199!

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