Thursday, August 6, 2009

Build Client Loyalty to your Spa


spa managementA client’s experience with your spa begins long before he or she walks through the door. Everything from making a phone call to the spa to checking out the website to the quality of service during a visit affects a client’s impression of the business. One way to promote long term customer loyalty is to look for any touch points that could be hindering your spa’s reputation, and seek ways to improve them. Here are a few ideas to help promote customer satisfaction and loyalty to your business:

Ensure that telephone communication is courteous and professional. The person who answers the phone at the spa is responsible for far more than scheduling appointments and answering questions. This person holds the responsibility of making a critical first impression on potential new clients. He or she should speak enthusiastically and be willing to go above and beyond to impress callers. A passion for providing a superior customer experience should be evident from the first to the last phone call of the day.

Create a relaxing atmosphere. To many, the word “spa” itself is equivocal to relaxation. People visit spas to enjoy a peaceful break from their busy lives, so delivering the ultimate relaxing experience clients expect is a must for any successful spa. Clients will have a more positive experience with your spa if the environment is soothing from the moment they walk in the door. Calming colors, water fountains and dim lighting are just a few ways to create a comforting setting. The demeanor and attitudes of employees also affect the overall atmosphere of a spa.

Deliver high quality services consistently. The livelihood of a spa relies on the quality of the services it delivers. Providing courteous customer service and a relaxing environment are futile efforts if the services for which clients are paying are subpar. Employees who perform services for clients should be active participants in creating a positive customer experience. Effective internal communication regarding business goals and how to accomplish them will contribute to the success of these efforts.

Proactively resolve issues, large or small. Since there is always room for improvement when it comes to customer experience, proactively addressing any negative issues is an important step to promoting client satisfaction. One way to uncover unobvious issues is to get feedback from all customer facing employees. Are they hearing repeated complaints about the same issue, such as pricing or a lacking service? Do the business hours make sense for the market? Complaints that a handful of clients voice are likely the same problems that other clients are having, even if they are not complaining. Any issue that could potentially lead to lost clients is an issue worth addressing.

Word of mouth is a driving force behind the success of businesses such as spas. Positive word of mouth can attract new clients, and a positive experience with your spa can turn those new clients into loyal patrons and even champions of your business.

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