Monday, August 17, 2009

Wear Disposable Gloves For Yardwork


When it comes time for the household chores, no one looks forward to the dishpan hands, broken nails and dried out skin that can occur when you work hard around your house. Traditional Rubber gloves can be costly and easily misplaced. To make housework go easy on your hands, try using disposable vinyl pvc gloves.

Our exam quality disposable vinyl pvc gloves are strong and safe enough for medical professionals, but you can use them around your home everyday. These durable gloves are handy when cleaning and sanitizing areas of your home after someone has been ill. Gloves can also be worn when doing dishes, to prevent dishpan hands and dried out skin.

When cleaning floors and bathrooms with harsh chemicals, wearing disposable gloves can help keep your skin from coming in contact with the chemicals, as well as other bacteria found in these areas. Vinyl PVC gloves are also great for garden work, such as spreading harsh fertilizers and can prevent allergic skin reactions to things such as pollen found in flowers. Wearing gloves can also help protect your nails from drying out and becoming brittle ladies!

Use vinyl pvc gloves every time you clean to help protect yourself from household germs and to keep your hands looking beautiful.

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