Monday, July 27, 2009

Exam Table Paper and its Uses


exam table paperTable paper refers to the rolled paper you have likely seen in medical offices protecting exam tables. Used sections of exam table paper can easily discarded and replaced with a new section between patients, making table paper a convenient and indispensible product for use in medical offices. While table paper is most commonly used in medical facilities, it also has variety uses outside of the medical industry. Exam table paper can help prevent contamination and make for easy cleanup between patients in school clinics. Many tattoo shops also use exam paper to promote a clean environment for all clients. Exam table paper is also sometimes used to create an added level of protection in day cares.

Medical grade table paper serves a few important functions. It creates a barrier between a person and an exam table, providing a first level of defense against contamination. Table paper also protects exam tables from moisture and dirt, and allows for a quick and easy transition between patients or clients. Quality table paper is resilient enough to provide optimal protection while resisting tearing.

When purchasing table paper, you will find that there are a few options to choose from. Smooth table paper is the smooth textured type most commonly found in medical offices. Crepe table paper has more of a rough texture for greater comfort and is more absorbent than smooth medical paper. Crepe textured paper is known for being quieter than smooth table paper, making it a popular option for medical offices striving for optimal patient comfort. Some manufacturers produce printed table paper for use in areas such as pediatric offices. Rolls of paper are available in a variety of widths to accommodate different exam table sizes. When purchasing table paper, ensure that you purchase the correct width to fit the table for which the paper is intended.

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