Monday, July 6, 2009

Add Style and Comfort to your Veterinary Office


veterinary clinic designTake a look around your veterinary office, what do you see? Is the waiting area calm and welcoming, or does it have a stark white, sterile aesthetic? If your office falls into the latter category and you are looking to make it more inviting, here are a few ideas to get you pointed in the right direction.

One simple change that can affect the overall appeal of the waiting area is changing the wall colors. The effect of color on mood has been widely studied, and many medical facilities now use colors associated with calmness to create a peaceful environment for patients. A similar approach can be taken to create a serene atmosphere for pet owners in veterinary waiting rooms and even exam rooms. Generally, cool colors such as blue, green and gray are considered soothing.

Another way you can improve the atmosphere of a stark veterinary office is to incorporate a theme into the décor, and carry it throughout the office. Compelling visuals in the waiting area will give pet owners an interesting focal point while they wait. For instance, a nature theme may include a wall mural of a forest and a nature inspired color scheme. Or, you could showcase patients and their owners in framed photos adorned with a thank you message or other sentiment from the pet owner. Another veterinary office décor option is to add character by displaying antique veterinary supplies. If you are going with a theme, choose colors, fixtures and accessories that align with the theme. Adhering to a common style throughout the office will help create a cohesive look and feel.

Functionality should be built into your plan for creating an inviting feel in a veterinary office. Ensure adequate space in the waiting area so that pets in different parties can be separated if necessary. Dividing the area into separate spaces if possible is an idea to consider. Also consider the functionality of the materials you use in the waiting area, such as benches or chairs that are conducive to thorough cleaning and sanitation. Hard seating surfaces may be better for a veterinarian office than cushioned seating.

Visiting the veterinarian can be a stressful experience for owners who have sick or injured pets. A calming environment in the waiting area and examination rooms can make for a more pleasant experience for guests. Whether you are simply sprucing up tired décor or undertaking a complete office overhaul, aim to create a peaceful setting that has style as well as functionality.

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