Friday, May 22, 2009

Instant Cold Packs for First Aid

instant ice packApplying ice packs to injuries such as sprains and strains constricts the blood vessels to reduce swelling and help alleviate pain. Using ice to control the swelling caused by an injury such as an ankle sprain, for instance, can ease pain by numbing the injured area. Applying ice to an injury is particularly effective in the time period immediately after the injury occurs, so acting quickly is important when applying cold therapy. When an ice pack is not immediately available, an instant cold compress can be used as the first line of defense for alleviating the pain associated with an injury and helping prevent further damage.

An instant cold compress is a portable pack that becomes extremely cold when activated and can be used like a traditional ice pack. Instant cold packs can be conveniently transported, making them especially helpful first aid supplies for use on the go or when ice is unavailable. They become particularly useful when injuries occur in situations in which obtaining ice may not be possible, such as camping, hiking or playing sports.

Instant cold packs have been available on the market for some time, though they have historically used ammonium nitrate to trigger the chemical reaction that prompts their contents to drop in temperature. Ammonium nitrate is heavily regulated due to its explosive properties. This means that products containing ammonium nitrate require special documentation, packaging and the extra costs that come along with heavily regulated materials. While many cold compresses still use ammonium nitrate, innovations in technology have led to the development of alternatives. The InstaKool(TM) cold pack from Nortech Labs marks the first ammonium nitrate free instant cold compress to become available on the market.

This article is intended solely as general information about instant cold pack technology, and is not a substitute or supplement for professional medical advice. Consulting a medical care provider regarding any injury is always advised.

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