Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Using Puppy Pads to Housebreak your Puppy


Puppy Pad TrainingPracticing the right techniques for house training your puppy will make the process easier for both you and the puppy. Many dog owners train their puppies to use puppy pads from an early age to reinforce the behavior of eliminating in a specific place, and later teach them to apply the behavior outdoors. A puppy pad is an absorbent pad with a leak proof backing that can be used indoors to teach a puppy to eliminate in a designated spot rather than on the floor. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using puppy pads to housebreak your puppy:

Praise your puppy when he uses the pad. Your puppy is eager to please you, and positive reinforcement is the best way to teach him your expectations. When he eliminates on the puppy pad, reinforce the behavior with praise and affection. Petting and talking to the puppy in an affirmative tone will give him positive associations with using the puppy pad, which will encourage him to use it in the future.

Give your puppy the opportunity to use the bathroom often. Young puppies need to eliminate frequently. Your puppy will likely need to go after eating, drinking water and after awaking in the morning or from a nap. Placing your puppy on his puppy pad at the right times can help him understand what you expect him to do there. If you catch your puppy in the act of eliminating elsewhere in your home, say “no” and place him on the pad (dogs live in the moment, so scolding your puppy when you did not catch him in the act will not get your message across).

Get in tune with your pup’s potty routine. Does he sniff around before he goes? Does he go right after eating? If you can predict the times when he needs to eliminate, you can prevent accidents by taking him to his puppy pad to communicate what you want him to do. Keeping him on a regular feeding schedule and removing his water bowl at night will make his potty routine more predictable.

Be consistent. Particularly if your puppy is very young, he probably will not understand what you expect of him at first. Training your pup to use his puppy pad every time will take some patience, but sending a consistent message will help your puppy learn quickly.

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